Cables used for process industry have to be shielded to avoid electrical interface disturbances, shielding is a metallic cover over the conductor or the cable itself with the facility to ground the metal, copper & aluminum are used for this purpose, based on the type of cable, it's insulation, bending radius required and mechanical protections required.

'Udey' offers the complete range of shields designed specially as required by different type of cables along with customer requirements and specifications.


Multiple copper wires are braided over the conductor / single pair / 1 triad with a minimum coverage of 70% to 90% max., this braid can also used as an overall shield on multicore / multipair / multi triad cables where individually shielded conductors / pairs / triads are layed to form a multi core / pair / triad cable.


Aluminum bonded polyester tapes are wrapped along with a drain wire ( flexible tin plated copper wire rope ) in continuous contact with the aluminum side of the tape which is wrapped with an overlap of at least 20% creating a virtual screen.


In certain data networks the cable is double shielded i.e.: has two shields : the conductor is shield with Aluminum tape and overall shielding of the cable is done by copper braid shield. Here both the drain wire and outer copper shield is connected to ground or common mode to get best shielding results.
Shield chart ( suggested ):
Cable Shield type Shield wire/tape Coverage
PTFE Braided Silver plated copper wire 90%
Silicone Screened Aluminum polyester tape 120%
Fibre glass Braided Tinned copper wire 70 to 90%
XLPE Taped / Double shield Aluminum polyester tape + Braided 120%
‘High Temperature shielded ( varnished ):
Individual conductors are insulated with fibreglass braid and constructed jacket with fibreglass braid. A high temperature saturant improves abrasion resistance. A silicon saturant is also available on special order.
For details see Fiber Glass / Asbestors
Mechnical Shield:
Cables are armoured with an over braid of Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel wire to add high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage and superior tensile strength. It is especially valuable in application where wire must undergo longitudinal stress such as those encountered in long vertical runs. These over braids furnish a minimum coverage of 85% and can be done on all types of cables.